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Sep '09

Back Home.

The Trip Wrap-Up.

Left BH (Bangladeshi Hottie) a little before nine and I was sitting in the Board Room at SFO after getting gas and turning in the car, and security a little before ten. Wow! I guess that makes his place in Hayward convenient. Not sure I could have done that from the boys house to OAK.

Flight was delayed by half and hour or so, but still managed to be back at home by 3pm for a nap. Something about sleep-overs doesn’t lend itself to much sleep.

So — final thoughts on Cabo San Lucas turned Wine Country. It’s always easier to do the “grass is greener” thing, but I guess what I miss about not going to Cabo was not doing anything other than reading and swimming for five days — not leaving the resort for anything other than groceries. Instead we were moving doing this and that everyday. Reading was put on the back burner — and reading is why I go on these little holidaze since I don’t have the chunks of time to do that at home (or don’t make them). And the final picture from the trip…

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This evening it is back into the routine. As usual when the RB (Rent Boy) comes for dinner and more, he is running late. If it’s Sunday that means he’s been working on either his truck or someone elses car. Which also means that he needs a shower. At least he’s staying over. Yes, I’ll need a nap again tomorrow.

Believe it or not we are both so whipped from the day that we are in bed and no, not in that way, by 10:30. Might as well be on the farm.

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The Trip Wrap-Up.

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