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Sep '09

Labor Day End Of Summer Dating Wrap-Up.

Since I seem to be wrapping stuff up (hence, yesterday’s vacation wrap-up) I thought I’d take a minute to review my dating history this summer.

The cast of characters (in order of appearance):

  • RB (Rent Boy)
  • AF (Abercrombie-Fitch Boy)
  • TB (Tattooed Boy)
  • BH (Bangladeshi Hottie)
  • UB (Utah Boy)

And where are they today?

RB was here last night for a sleep-over. Long term potential? I have the feeling he’ll be around for a long time since we enjoy each other’s company on an occasional basis. No way could we live with each other. His being 90% straight might have something to do with that.

AF was a one-night stand that included dinner here at the house. Nice guy, but I think we want different things. Still have the very occasional note going each way.

TB I had the hots for and probably still do. He has found someone better in his quest for a partner — something about my work/travel schedule that may have nixed that possibility. We text occasionally and I’m still hoping for a new hair color from him.

BH I saw Saturday night in the South Bay. Who knows what this would turn into if I lived closer. We enjoy each other’s company and the sex is great.

UB I never did get to meet in person since I cancelled my Utah trip (which I regretted a day afterwards). We email still, but his schedule is too hectic to travel with work and school, and mine isn’t open until October at the earliest.

Final tally? Some hits, some misses. Now, if I could only figure out what I want out of all of this. THAT is the big question.

Maybe I’ll ask Jonathan at dinner tomorrow night, since at one point I was ready to marry him. In the meantime I’ll just have a steak (again) and salad.


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