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Sep '09

Busy, Busy Day.

Nothing like rushing around finishing things up so you can get out the door and get to a meeting on time.

Just as I was leaving Joannie dropped by her computer for a tune-up… in the hospital again.

Meeting ran long, and the office was closed when I went by to check mail… another delay, though I did get lunch downstairs.

Clean the bills and the overdue letter off the desk, keep email up-to-date, get some flank steaks marinating, get the bread going.

Back to the house for a quick nap before BBHa shows up to pick up his printing job, and have a Gin and Tonic. He wasn’t out the door fifteen minutes when Jonathan came by for drinks and dinner — and to bemoan his taking unpaid leave until early November (health related).

A couple of beautiful steaks for dinner — even fired up the grill. A couple of baguettes of rosemary challah (one for tonight and one for Jonathan to take home). A salad. Wine. Good conversation.

What more can you ask for.


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