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Sep '09

Wednesday On The Run.

No Nap. Damn.

Shameless promotion of one of my non-profit clients…

The Great Art Party!

It’s this Saturday, and I’m going. Guest tickets are $25, for $100 you get a piece of art valued usually more than twice that amount, and if you are flush, there is the $300 Topaz Ticket which means you could walk away with a Calder (Alexander) or a Chilhuly (the PT Barnum of blown glass)!

How do you get a ticket? Click on this line.

Want to see the catalog? Click on this line.

So — now back to me. Work, work, work, today — didn’t leave the house juggling removing fax machines, reconfiguring printers, dealing with dying laptops, and sampling the marinated flank steak for Friday’s dinner.

Nothing like dealing with cranky machines and cranky coworkers all day.

And I have a silly picture from last night… you figure it out:



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No Nap. Damn.

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