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Sep '09

Poker Friday.

Worked a little during the day, got mostly packed for the trip on Sunday. Headed down to Olympia at a little after one to beat the traffic. Tried to find the exit for Cabella’s and couldn’t — it must be half way between two exits. Sung by Safeway to use my PowerPump rewards before the program expires tomorrow. Was hoping to hook up with Jameson, but that didn’t happen.

Got to Rich’s place a little before 3 and set up my laptop on the poker table to check the connection speed at his place. With just one bar of signal strength I was getting almost 1mbps in download speeds. I like my new phone.

Dinner before the game was with Rich, Ross, and myself — marinated flank steak that I brought with me. Rich added bread, asparagus and salad. My two bottles of red wine made the feast complete.

Dinner was good, poker was not so good. Between the rent boy and my poker playing I’m running low on quarters. And it’s not about who wins or loses, it is the spirit and the camaraderie of the game.



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