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Sep '09


Up at 10. So much for my plan of cheap Bloody Mary’s in the cabin followed by a morning Rosh Hashanah service with Rabbi Heyman. But what the hell, the sun is out.

It was more like up at ten, eat at 10:30, lounge around in the sun until 1:30, eat again, go back to the cabin for a nap, read some more, shower, dress for cocktails with the boys (Friends of Dorothy), go see the crew show at 7:30 and watch them “water” themselves in the production of “fountains” that I’ve seen on every NCL ship, go to the Steak House at 9pm for our final dinner and stay up until midnight to watch is go under the Golden Gate Bridge.

The original schedule for the boat was that we would see that about 6am in the fog, but wait – there is another medical emergency so all four engines are cranking us along at about 25-27mph to get use there by midnight. This will be medical emergency two on the ship – the first one delayed our departure from Vancouver Harbor while the tender boat removed an old woman on a stretcher… you will find a picture of that in the scroller bar from a couple of days ago.

Interesting side note: got a text message from United… I’ve been upgraded to first class for my flight back to Seattle tomorrow. Jonathan traded me a couple of his minutes on the ships wi-fi signal for a glass of Asti – his birthday drink for some reason – I’m nicely booked into seat 1C.

Also in a couple of days you will see photos and video from the fountains show… which they keep calling a “world premiere” but I’ve seen it three times now.

Dinner after the show in the Steak House, but both Jonathan and I are so exhausted that we don’t make a very good stab at dinner.

At midnight we are out of the front deck for the view as we go under the Golden Gate Bridge — again, more pictures, but once I’m home and can upload them.

A very late night for us since we hadn’t packed yet before heading up see the bridge. Gonna be a rough morning for us.

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