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Sep '09

San Francisco Seattle Sunday.

My prediction of a rough morning was correct. Painfully early for us — 8am.

Choked down a little breakfast, before they called our color to get the hell off the boat.

One update from last night before I go on — we had 14 guys show up at the final Friends of Dorothy meeting… WOW. I can’t wait for someone to forward me the picture of the group that we got the waiter to take of us all.

Now back in waking up in San Francisco….

The plan was for Pudgy to pick us up at the terminal and drop me at the airport and take Jonathan home with him… until he didn’t pick up the phone because of a very late night of drinking…. new plan. Cab for me to BART — I should have just taken the NCL Shuttle for $35 and been done with it.

Part two of the plan that didn’t work… hanging out in the Alaska Board Room and working after I checked my bag in at United. The security line in the Alaska terminal would have taken me an hour to get through — and with no first class ticket (like my United one) to use the short-cut line, it just wasn’t worth it, not with how tired I was.

Solution? Go back to the United terminal and have lunch, and find an outlet for the laptop and tether my phone to it — almost as good as free wi-fi. Too bad I didn’t bring the camera or video in carry-on with me so I could have uploaded new goodies to Twango. Later today, or tomorrow.

Flight isn’t until after 4pm, and Wonderful is going to pick me up at the airport and borrow my key to Swanda’s place so he can deliver the chair he used at the auction — if I think about this more I can figure out how to do this at the same time as I pick up my parents at the train station across the street…. they are due in at 8:45 and last time I checked they were running 45 minutes early, which means I’ll be late picking them up.

Time to get to the almost 300 emails that I received since Juneau.

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