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Sep '09

Hello Dublin (Ireland, Not Ohio).

Got into London at 6am. I immediately headed into the Arrivals Lounge for the Star Alliance — judging from some of the signage in the shower, it used to be a British Airways lounge.


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Nice to be able to shower and change into a fresh shirt after a long day of travelling….makes you feel human again.

The BMI flight was on time, even early getting into Dublin where Mindi was to meet me. That was when the real trouble happened. I didn’t have her number and she couldn’t find me.

It was noon (I got in at 10:15) before I got an email from Jeff with directions to give the cab driver so I could get to the house. It was simple after that (except that the cash machine only wanted to spit out 50 Euro notes.

Spend the afternoon chatting with Mindi (Jeff was still a work) before settling in for a two hour nap, which I really needed only getting an hour of sleep on the plane to London and 1/2 hour on the flight into Dublin.

By the time I was awake, Jeff was home and it was time for cocktails while Mindi took a conference call.

Dinner tonight was out for Lebanese food — yummy. Try out the Rotan Cafe at 31 South Richmond Street in Dublin. No wine with dinner but after a couple of cocktails at home I didn’t really need it.

Evening ended with a nightcap, a couple of blog entries, and slinking off to bed.

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