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Sep '09

Dublin Birthday.

Happy birthday to me and greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

A little work in the morning (sorry Swanda, couldn’t help myself) and then off on today’s adventure — the Guiness Storehouse. What? Basically a “listed building” that Guiness couldn’t tear down to make a modern factory so they turned it into an “edutainment” center with a cool 7th floor circular bar with some of the best views in the city and a free pint of Guiness (after you paid your 15 Euro to get in).

Here is today’s photo — me at the distillery with a cute guy in the background. It was one of those “electronic postcard” kiosk thingees:

SOUDER090928144713 - Share on Ovi

I walked to the brewery from Mindi and Jeff”s place — handy. If you want to see the really shitty video from the “mixing room” which is the top floor, this would be it:

Grabbed a quick sandwich on the way back to t house and a nap soon followed.

Dinner tonight was stunning. A little Italian place on the canal called Nonna Valentina.We all went for the 3 course 30 Euro meal — and started with a bottle of Prosecco followed by a Montepuciano red. One of the nicest birthday meals I’ve ever had. Thanks Jeff and Mindi!

Back at the house we were all like beached seals — having eaten more than we should. And two of us have to get up early in the morning tomorrow for my tour of the West Coast. Thanks Mindi for running me to the train.

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