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Oct '09

Cigar Tube To Plymouth.

Saint Mindi ran me to the airport this morning — me feeling a bit worse for wear from last night’s festivities. Got to the airport in plenty of time (yes, I know me to the airport early). It was your basic Dash 8-300 regional prop plane for the 1 hour flight to Plymouth. On the way back I fly through Newquay — seems they run a circle route all day.

Mark was at the airport to meet me, and off we went on a little jaunt around the countryside and up to the reservoir that serves Plymouth and the surrounding cities. We stopped a couple of times for pictures — the mores really were beautiful with the sun out.

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Next stop was Saintbury’s Market for the remaining ingredients for tonights meal — which turns out to be very close to last night’s meal in that it’s a leg of lamb we got on special over a bed of roasted root vegetables — no salad tonight, just green beans, whiskey and wine.

It’s good to see Mark again — still trying to figure out when we were here last. It would have been with Jill, in the spring, when we also did Scotland, saw Pucci, and I went to the production of Equus in London.

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