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Oct '09

Gin Anyone?

Plymouth Gin From The Source.

A lazy morning around the house with Mark. Mark’s boyfriend Nigel is due later in the afternoon to join us for dinner, but first — today’s tourist activity.

The Plymouth Gin distillery in lovely old town Plymouth, England.

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It was a lovely tour — in fact, I do believe that it ranks near the top of the distillery tours that I’ve taken — and that is quite a few.

A lovely tour guide, small group, one cutie, watered down nosing samples of the Plymouth Gin and a tipple of their Sloe Gin (which I was prepared to dislike but it was lovely, not the sweet stuff from the states) followed by a 1 pound off coupon and a chit for a free Gin and Tonic up in the Refectory Bar (which is worth a visit on its own).

I picked up a bottle of Plymouth Gin for Mindi to try (it really is good), and will get some for my mother to try as well since she’s looking for a new house gin (ever since the demise of Tanquarey Mallaca Gin some eight years ago). For myself I picked up a 35 pound bottle of 57.1% by volume single malt from the Chivas family of distilleries that they have a relation with. That’s my yummy sipping whiskey for the rest of the trip — hopefully there will be some for Jeff to try once I’m back in Dublin.

For today’s humorous photo we have:

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By the time we were done sightseeing, Nigel had arrived at the house with his dog Doogie/Google (depending on the mood of owner or dog, not sure)…

Nigel’s mum had packed a ton of food so instead of roasting the chicken we’d bought we ploughed trough an amazing salted ham quiche and some salad. There is a whole additional pie, a cake, and a ton of other food that she sent along. I doubt we will starve.

Late in the evening we were joined by Nigel’s friend for a bit before they both left to do a little clubbing. After that dinner the two Mark’s were ready for their respective beds.

[?  ? ? — feeling like a cow]

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Plymouth Gin From The Source.

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