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Oct '09

Air Southwest SUCKS!

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I travel.

Today I experienced a flight delay like no other. We had a plane, the weather was good, we had all the crew we needed and we were making a quick stop to pick up more passengers when the aircraft was hijacked/commandeered, what ever you’d like to call it when suddenly “operations” says they need this aircraft elsewhere IN THE MIDDLE OF SCHEDULED SERVICE.

Needless to say the 5 Pound voucher an hour after being trapped on the cigar tube AND AN HOUR BACK IN THE WAITING ROOM after we’d already gotten our snacks didn’t help.

So, here is the f**king plane that didn’t get me to Dublin close to on time:

P1090461 - Share on Ovi

There is no excuse for delaying 23 people for three hours just so you can move 50 other people around from another city.

Now that my pissing match is delayed until I write the nasty letter….

Let’s go back to my lovely holiday, and here is the latest scroller bar with some great pictures of Plymouth and the moors — and the occasional sheep:

The one positive note from delay — the chance to chat up a ginger lad who is a  bank examiner at 23. Made the delay totally worth it… and hopefully there will an ongoing connection via email. I’m hoping it’s more than any gay stranger in a port/storm/delay.

Through the joys of international text messaging Mindy and Jeff have been notified of my lateness.

On the way home (and before presents) we head for a pub called “The Barge“.

They were out of the duck so I went for the lamb — what seemed to be a whole lamb. Damn I’m stuffed.

Back at the house presents were distributed — 3 pints of various Cornwall stout beers for Jeff, a bottle of Plymouth Gin for Mindi and the remainder of the 114.2 proof single malt scotch for me.

And the scotch died tonight. Time to replenish the booze tomorrow on my grocery run.

Ready for my own bed.

[? ? ? feeling like a cow]


2 Responses to “Air Southwest SUCKS!”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie: What’s “a ginger boy”?

  2. markso Says:

    Ginger Boy — a guy with red hair.