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Oct '09

Drippy Dublin.

So much for today’s plan of doing the Hop On/Hop Off tourist bus today. Can you say cold,

wet, and drippy?

I was out of bed at my usual time on this trip… 10am. That’s a little late (by two hours)

for me, but it allows both Jeff and Mindi to get through their morning routine without me

clogging up the one bathroom in the house. Maybe that should be another “good houseguest”


With the rain coming down in buckets I settled into the couch and cleaned up email with my

morning coffee. A shower, then some breakfast, and it was still raining.

By noon I was back in bed for a nap, hoping the weather would clear. Not.

I’m cooking in again tonight — with supplies from the Halal grocery and butcher on the

corner (and I still got cold and wet!). For under 6 Euro I got 3 leg/thigh chunks of

chicken, three tomatoes, three peaches, and a cucumber. Tonights meal?

Starter: Ripe peach slices wrapped in prosuitto
Salad: Greek-style salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and crumbly cheese
Main: Broiled chicken in a pesto sauce

And today’s picture is of their lovely house in Dublin.


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