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Oct '09

Home And Trying To Catch Up.

So far the jet-lag doesn’t seem to be affecting me — of course going to bed dead tired helps. Didn’t even take an Ambian.

What a first day back though…

  • Work
  • Grocery Run
  • Jonathan To Try And Fix Dead Main Computer (no, it really is dead)
  • Work
  • Shirts To The Cleaners
  • Meeting With Swanda
  • Open House At Office Nomads (nice space!)
  • Home For Dinner
  • Work
  • Bed

That was my day. And as Swanda reminded me, I still need to assemble the “10 Ways To Be A Good House Guest” — which number ten is “Write a thank-you note when you get home and send it ‘old skool’, as in snail mail”.

[219.8 — amazing considering I was on the road]

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