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Oct '09

Red Tuesday.

If it’s Tuesday it must be time for a marketing meeting and a paycheck.

The check is in the mail. Damn. And it was mailed Saturday, but Monday was a holiday and by the end of today it still hadn’t come. Damn. Oh well, there is always tomorrow — it wasn’t that large because of my birthday holiday.

It also changed my after meeting routine. Out was Safeway, the bank, Trader Joes. In was Swanda’s place to see if my new laptop arrived, and to put a load of laundry in.

Why laundry — Swanda’s equipment is bigger. I can get the sheets, pillow cases and the duvet cover all in one load. It would be more like three loads in my little Italian number.

But why Red Tuesday — the new laptop that I picked up this afternoon.

Spot it on the couch:


OK, I’ll make it easier:


Now I just have to put the day+ into stripping it of unwanted software and putting on what I need. Yikes. It really is a full day with install time.

Dinner tonight was a quiet night at home with a steak and a salad. Rent Boy/Live In was off packing his ex-wife’s house. We’ve set up SOB as an apartment as I can’t have the hound in the house.

Looking forward to 6AM.


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