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Oct '09

Wednesday In Computer Hell.

This must be computer hell day… I can’t wait to leave town tomorrow.

New computer:

  • delete all the crapware with www.pcdecrapifer.com
  • delete Office Student and Home edition
  • upgrade to Windows 7 from the party pack
  • install AVG 8.5 anti-virus software
  • scan the system
  • remove Norton 60-day trial from the system
  • install Ad-Aware
  • scan the system
  • install Microsoft Office 2007
  • install Adobe Creative Suite 4
  • install Microsoft Trips and Streets
  • configure Outlook to pull me GMail accounts
  • try and get some work done on the other computer during all this.

At least the computer is nice and pretty. If you want the specs on it, here they are: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?Sku=G180-14100 but it’s no longer in stock. When it was it was $449 plus $1.99 shipping if I hadn’t wanted it in two days.

Gateway T-1424u Laptop Computer

Salmon and Raf for dinner tonight. Better feed him before I leave for five days.


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