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Oct '09

Sunday With The Boys.

For Tomorrow We Must Work, Work, Work.

Amazing — the house (condo?) is up early today … all out drinking coffee by 10am. It certainly beats yesterday when it was noon.

I could get used to Bloody Marys in the morning (made by someone else). Now I know why I don’t keep the ingredients in my house. Slippery slope that.

Breakfast? Eggs Benedict, fresh cantaloupe, Granny Smith apple chunks carved out and filed with caviar and cream cheese.Thanks Rich! Damn fine:

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Any you wonder why I can’t find the motivation to work — every one is on vacation but me. I had to take a nap after than breakfast.

Afternoon snack… Curt made nachos. Made me want another nap.

Dinner?  Can you do down-market as up-market? Hot German potato salad, various sausages on the grill, sauerkraut cooked in white wine, bread, a couple of bottles of wine.

And tomorrow I have to catch up on all the work I’ve been putting off for days — I think I’ll set up the computer on the make-up counter in the master bedroom to get away from the chaos (and to have some privacy for tomorrow and Tuesday’s conference calls).

Life is hard.

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For Tomorrow We Must Work, Work, Work.

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