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Oct '09

That’s a Giant Oops!

Not the day I expected… but it’s my own fault.

Nothing like getting a call from the Front Desk at 12:30pm asking when we were planning on checking out. Tomorrow? No — today, and we are past due.

Yes, I read the reservation wrong. And the boys were on a cheesecake run, thank goodness Rich had his mother’s cell phone with him so I could turn them around.

In 35 minutes we got the place packed up and cleaned up (well, at least the dishes in the dishwasher). Whew!

New plan. A service call followed by dinner with Raf instead of the boys. Nice lamb chops (the same ones we were planning on at Birch Bay) followed by a mellow evening of trying to catch up the work I was going to do in the afternoon, and a little mindless TV watching.

At least now I’ll be in town for tomorrow’s marketing meeting.

And joy of joys — I didn’t have to drive in either direction!

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2 Responses to “That’s a Giant Oops!”

  1. Curt Says:

    Don’t fret….we had a very nice 4-night stay. You just owe me lamb chops!

  2. Swanda Says:

    Did you want it dated today or yesterday? Hmmm!