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Oct '09

Almost A Ton Of Fun.

While I am inside all nice and warm and clean, Raf is out stripping the front garden of all the weeds and grass — basically taking the top 2″ off and putting it into the trailer for a dump run.

This, on top of the couple of inches he took off the area where the gate swings open which with any luck will get covered with ground cloth and gravelled — well, maybe only gravelled.

Of course, nothing is without drama — the trailer weighed so much that we had to use the jack out of the van to get the tongue up. Add 45 minutes to the job.

And then off to the dump before they closed.

  • Weight in: 6980
  • Weight out: 5080
  • Load of weight: 1900 lbs.
  • Rating on the trailer: 950 lbs.

Ouch. But the yard is looking better:


Dinner was a stir fry of hot peppers from the deck, onions, zucchini, Portuguese sausage and shrimp in a black bean sauce. Not bad, need to figure out how to make the black bean sauce better.


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