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Oct '09

Is A Purchase Order A Good Day?

Woke up late. It was a long night last night.

But lots to do. Got posters to finalize, got proofs to pick up and deliver, got more work to do…. like making a Purchase Order form for my client.

Things to order:

  • Generic Cards for Vancouver
  • Event Manager Card for Vancouver
  • Sales Manager for Vancouver
  • Asian Centric Poster for most branches
  • Calendars for all offices

On the upside – the front garden is cleaned out, and only a small run to the dump. Now if Raf wouldn’t spend all his money they day he gets it.

Dinner for Filet Mignon, roasted potatoes, salad, and wine for me — no wine for Raf, he had three days worth last night.

For me, a quiet night at home.


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