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Oct '09

Dinner For Three At Eight.

Up in the air again… a 12:30pm flight to Oakland to see Mark and Onyx on one of my three cheapie tickets. How cheap? $101.20 each, and I got upgraded to first class on the way down.

I like that noon flight — in First they actually still serve you food (a light salad with chicken on the top) unlike the earlier and later flights that they just pass around a snack basket filled with fatty, salty, snacks. Let’s hope my luck holds on the return flight — won’t know that until tomorrow.

With a big tail wind the flight time was a record (for me) 1 hour and 18 minutes — hard to suck down a lot of free booze in that amount of time.

Mark met me at the airport to provide shuttle service — I, in turn, brought a bag of meat for our dinners during my visit. Tonight’s meal is lamb chops in a Bombay Curry and a simple salad of spinach, tomatoes and blue cheese.

Nothing worthy of a photo today.

No word from my Bangladeshi Hottie — guess that flame has gone out.


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