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Oct '09

Oh Dear, Corrections.

And Even Before Swanda Has Noticed.

Corrections, corrections, corrections. I feel like a scene from Fiddler on the Roof.

So, yesterdays post, here are the corrections:

Even the top 10 list headline was screwed up:

  • So, the 10 Rules To Be A Good Housewife:

That should be:

  • So, the 10 Rules To Be A Good HouseGUEST: – really, we aren’t in the 50’s anymore

And the biggie (other than the other typo I found and will fix):

  • If your borrow their car, wash it, return it full of cash, even it was empty. You just saved $30-50

Let me tell you, if you fill their car up with cash, even pennies, you will be out more than $30-50. That should have been GAS!

Thanks Onyx for catching those problems… before Swanda caught them.

But all this is just a segway into how I spent my day: working, travelling to the city to work, coming home and buying the last of the ingredients for dinner. But let’s start with lunch after a visit to to San Francisco branch…


Great little Japanese place not far from the E&A San Francisco office that does a nice bento box lunch. I got the deluxe and then added a little dry sake — and when I was rung up she offered me a free Sapporo Beer. OK. I was thinking the small glass like the sake — no, it was a full 10-12 oz pour of Draft Sapporo. How do they do that — ship kegs over? Anyway — here is the place: Kamakura Sushi and Sake House.

Then it was back across the bay (easy commute even with the Bay Bridge closed) and a trip to the Berkeley Bowl for the last remnants of tonight’s dinner of Tandori Pork, mixed greens and a lovely rice concoction which I didn’t burn, but could have used another five minutes.


Actually got to bed at a decent time — which is good because I fly out in the morning.

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One Response to “Oh Dear, Corrections.

And Even Before Swanda Has Noticed.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Oh I noticed, just too busy to write but glad you caught them!