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Oct '09

Scary Halloween Opera.

OK, It Was La Traviata.

Woke up at 8, peed, checked mail, went back to bed until 9:30.

By 10:45am I was through security at the Oakland airport and having a lovely Chinese breakfast of beef and broccoli with soba noodles.

Flights on time today — make my lunch the same chicken salad that I had on the way down, though it was a little more wilted making me think they loaded food for both directions in Seattle.

Was back home by 2:30pm and by 3:30 I was taking a nap in preparation for tonight’s dinner and opera with Wonderful.

Dinner? Bahn Thai. Located in an old house and the atmosphere was pleasant — it was Wonderful’s choice that I think he regretted. My eyes went up when I encountered a room full of old white people eating there — warning sign number one. Warning sign number two — when they waiter doesn’t ask “On the Rocks or Up” when you order a Manhattan. The food was OK, not as spicy as we had requested, and luke warm. That would be a problem of the pre-opera crowd.

Next time (January) we will try my choice (Tup Tim Thai) further up the hill.)

On now for that scary opera (La Traviata). Woman with consumption (the no longer used phrase for pulmonary tuberculosis) ditches the Baron for some hottie and moves to the country where they live happily beyond their means until hottie’s daddy shows up and says leave his son alone otherwise his virtuous daughter can’t marry into an upscale family. Much singing, much coughing (from the consumption) and by the fourth act they realize how foolish they have all been where the woman with consumption not so quickly (30 minutes) dies. End of act four, time for the curtain call.

[220.1 but it was in the afternoon]

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OK, It Was La Traviata.

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