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Nov '09

Tuesday In The Land Of The Mouse.

Orlando, Florida.

It’s lovely to get out of bed at a little before 10am and realize that you still have 3.5 hours until your standard Tuesday morning marketing meeting.No need to prepare the night before. More time to tick things off your “to-do” list.

Brunch was pan-fried potatoes and bacon, apples with peanut butter, questionable coffee made better by using both packets for the same pot (so technically it was half decaf).

It was a clusterfuck of trying to figure out how to get onto the conference call:

  • Skype headphone apparently dead (ok —- it was $10 years ago)
  • Calling card — 11 minutes left and no way to reload without talking to someone
  • Cell phone — BINGO — 150 minutes left out of 300, and those expire tomorrow.

After the conference call was done it was off to do shopping — but of course, Dan needs to be feed every 3-4 hours so we had a Bento Box lunch in the same strip mall as the grocery store. Good. Damn good. Tokyo Sushi was the name. Dan says the prices for sushi by the piece are good for Florida.

Full of Bento we are off to the store to figure out dinner. The answer:

  • boneless leg of lamb
  • over a bed of roasted root vegetables with some roasted garlic thrown in for good measure
  • romaine salad with a home-made maraschino cherry vinaigrette dressing

We thought the green beans would be too much for the three of use… though they might be bacon and green beans in balsamic for another meal.

Tonight’s wine is a lovely Malbec from Argentina (I say from Argentina now that Washington State is doing some Malbec grapes). Dona Paula Los Cardos 2008 from the Mendoza region of Argentina — yes, that region is on my “bucket list” if I’d every get around to making one.

Out to the hot tub after dinner.

All to do it again tomorrow.

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One Response to “Tuesday In The Land Of The Mouse.

Orlando, Florida.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    First, I believe you meant to say Good. Dame good, not Good. Dame god.

    Second, you have been doing a bucket list for years, you just did not realize it! Get real!

    Glad you are enjoying and that I helped use up some of those minutes.