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Nov '09

Arrrr! Thirty Six Holes At Pirate’s Cove.

Miniature Golf That Is.

I could easily get spoiled by this schedule — the only thing missing is Rich’s Bloody Marys in the morning.

Bacon plus an egg scramble this morning — though we didn’t quite get through it all…

Work gets done between bits of this that and the other — i.e. the computer is on and I’m dealing with stuff as it comes up, and some of the stuff on my to-do list as well.

Then it’s time for tanning — yesterday’s picture is a good one. But for our pictures today we have two from last night. The great photo that they took at Roy’s for Dan and Lisa’s anniversary – and printed, and framed, and didn’t try and charge us $10 for… a sweet gesture —- and a great way to get people to come back for those special occasions:


And the second one if later in the evening with Dan and I WiiBowling and Lisa needle-pointing:


From today we have Dan playing with his putter as we played 36 holes of miniature golf (two different 18 hole courses linked together at Pirate’s Cove. The first (Captain’s Course) was a Par 40. Both Dan and I stroked 44 each with me getting 2 hole in ones — one on a Par 3 (most holes are Par 2) The secondĀ (Black Beard’s Challenge Course) was a Par 43… and man I sucked. I got a 55, Dan a 47. I had a couple of 6 putt holes. Ouch. Here is Dan on the first course:


It’s been ages since I played even real golf. Tonight is cleaning out the fridge of left-overs as tomorrow is our last day here. The main course is a has made from the lamb and root vegetables from Tuesday night, accompanied with a salad with “Dressing du Dan”. There is still a pound of lamb to go — maybe that’s breakfast!

It’s our last night of hanging out inthe hot tub during “adult swim” time. Me in my “Tool Box” speedos and Dan in his underwear. I really need to remember to bring extras.

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Miniature Golf That Is.

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