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Nov '09

Three Trips To SoDo.

First lets talk about the phrase SoDo — which stands for South of Dome which no longer stands — it’s now Qwest Field even though we are still paying off the dome and they recycled the concrete from the dome into the new stadium.

Why three trips?

  • Trip One: to pick up software/hardware/magazines at Swanda’s apartment
  • Trip Two: to take my shirts to the cleaners that I forgot on the first trip
  • Trip Three: Sanda and Cedric’s wedding

I must have missed driving the Jag after being away for a week.

And what a wedding it was. They’ve been together for years (7? 10?) and finally decided to tie the knot. My guess is that parents were starting to get old and were tired of waiting.

Lavish spread with open bar before and after the ceremony which was sweet and thankfully short. I can only imagine the bill considering a) the open bar and b) the sit down meal that was served — there must have been 20 staff working that room.

Good wishes for a long and happy marriage — and considering they were both choked up when saying their vows and think it will be a long and happy marriage.

And for me, I left after dinner while I was still legal to drive — leaving that open bar behind.


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