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Nov '09

Thanksgiving Comes Early.

Another gorgeous day in Berkeley. When I pulled the weather before this trip it was supposed to be partly cloudy on low 60’s the entire time. Haven’t seen much of those clouds, which I’m not complaining about.

Lots of errand running today. Off to see Margo and Alicia at M. Lowe and Company, who are doing a bangup business when I get there, which unfortunately allows me time to linger around the cases of sparkly bits.

By the time I walk out I’ve ordered (yet another) custom earring  — this one based on a rose-cut brown .57ct diamond set in rose gold, closed back, with the bezel following the irregular contour of the stone. It will be ready in a week, or I can wait and put it up when I’m down here.

Groceries and a stop by Toyota to price out a new front turn signal lenses ($24.95) for Mark’s truck — but alas, they don’t have it in stock. Might have to go to a junk yard for one — it’s always nicer to return a borrowed truck in better shape than it arrived in.

But onto our early Thanksgiving!

  • I did the turkey (breast only, no dark meat) in a Citrus Maple Glaze
  • Mark did the cranberries in Zinfandel, Orange and Cinnamon
  • Onyx did the brussel sprouts sauteed in onions and white wine
  • I did the salad
  • Andonico’s provided a 6″ pumpkin pie
  • Gruett of New Mexico provided the Rose Champagne to start us off
  • And Justin provided the amusement.

What a lovely evening squished around the coffee table. And amazing that we could all work in the kitchen at the same time.

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