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Nov '09

All About Black Corduroy.

And Food.

It seems this week has all been about black corduroy pants.

  • Early in the week I was thinking of shopping for some
  • The flight tuesday had a hot guy in the back of the plane wearing some
  • Thursday I went to Ross to look for some for myself
  • And at yesterday’s dinner, Justin was wearing some — at least while they were on.

But enough about corduroy, let’s move onto tonight’s feast:

  • Salad with fresh garden tomotoes, goat cheese and Goddes dressing
  • Asparagus off the grill
  • Last night’s brussel sprouts and onion flash fried
  • BBQ’d country style boneless pork ribs off the grill
  • Link cod picatta (mostly for Alicia, the fish-a-terian)
  • Apple almond torte (made by Alicia)

The attendees:

  • Mark
  • Onyx
  • Alicia
  • Devon
  • Maggy
  • Me

Got my upgrade to First Class for tomorrow’s flight — think I was the last one upgraded from my seat location (1F) and printed out my boarding pass.

Off to bed.

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And Food.

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