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Nov '09

Dinner With God.

OK, Two Priests & A Hottie.

Off to Vancouver, British Columbia at noon, after a couple of hours of work in the morning.

Made good time… arrived at The Canadian at 3pm — three hours! This included a snack stop, a stop at duty-free, and, of course, a stop at the border — with no Nexus line and a wave through at the booth. Not even a single question. Weird. Something tells me it will be different for the Olympics in February.

By 4:30pm I’d gotten unpacked, gone grocery shopping, popped across the street for some wine to go with dinner, and prepped all the ingredients for dinner.


  • Appetizer of Rice Crackers with a Truffle Chevre Cheese
  • Caesar Salad
  • Red Snapper Piccata over a bed of Gnocchi
  • Dessert of Fresh Strawberries Marinated in Balsamic and Black Pepper

The guests were two priests (Episcopal) and a hottie (one of the priests boyfriend). Great conversation and I got to know more about Solus+’s background and travels (lived in Iceland and Greenland when he was a young man). It also I think kept Hummingbird’s mind off his kidney stone surgery tomorrow at noon. Ouch. Laser up the urethra. Ouch.

Tomorrow is a meet and greet at the Vancouver office.


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OK, Two Priests & A Hottie.

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