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Nov '09


You know the rant… I hate morning flights. And this mornings was particularly brutal. Up at 3:30am, headed to the airport at 4, probably should have left at 4:30, oh well. The Board Room doesn’t even open til 5am.

Loading was on-time… unfortunately that’s where it started going down hill… maximum 30 minute mechanical delay (eating into my 50 minute layover). The “maximum” turned into leaving an hour late — making the connection to Flagstaff dicey. Two things were in my (and several other people on my plane also going to Flagstaff) favor — a 40 knot tailwind and using gates that were right next to each other. I even had time for a quick bathroom break!

Flight to Flagstaff was uneventful, caught a cab to the “lovely” Knight’s Inn (what do you expect for $26 a night), and then off to find where the train station is and stroll around downtown until hunger hits and I head to Charley’s Bar and Grill in the bottom of the Weatherford Hotel. Cup of soup and half a salad — not bad. Also picked up brochures for things to do tomorrow.

Sunny and low 50’s here — but will drop to about 20 tonight — explaining the ice formed on puddles. Beats the rain, at least for a couple of days.

Back to the motel for a nap, and then a call to Curt’s friend, Kyle to see if he’s still up for dinner tonight — which he is.

At 6:30 he shows up — and we have a glass of wine while pondering dinner choices. The Peruvian restaurant that was a possibility isn’t anymore… it’s now a Greek restaurant than nobody likes. Final choice for tonight: Beaver Street Brewery.

He had the meatloaf sandwich, I have the steak salad, we split a starter of the mussels. Yes, I know, ordering mussels in the mountains. I think they set under the warmer a bit too long, but the salad was excellent, but huge. I got through about half of it. Good wine by the glass selection, and the eye-candy was eye-popping — the joys of a college town.

A nightcap at the billiards hall next door (much less crowded, should have moved to the bar in the brewery) and back to the motel to call it a night.

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  1. susan Says:

    Would introduce you to my brother, sister and oldest son who live in Flagstff however they are red-neck republicans 🙂

    do go to all the museams they are very interesting if you are interested in SW and Arizona hisroty.