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Nov '09

Riordan Mansion

Stunning Arts & Crafts Building.

Up at 7am for a “continental” breakfast. I don’t know what continent, maybe Antarctica. Cold and/or stale.

Back to bed to make up for tossing, turning, and cover grabbing.

Got all the necessary work stuff done and off my plate while awaiting answers.

My big item for the day today is a tour of the Riordan Mansion which is maybe 6-8 blocks (long blocks) from here. First stop is for a Pastrami sandwich at the Crystal Creek Sandwich Company. I ordered a half sandwich, she rung up a whole (and delivered one) and I was glad she did. Ate half, had the other half in the room after the tour. Damn good.

So, off to the Riordan Mansion, whose property borders Northern Arizona University. The 13,000 square foot duplex with common entertaining area dates from 1904, so we are early in the Art & Crafts era. With budget cuts they are now down to tours 5 days a week (from everyday except Christmas). I got their a little before noon for the one the hour, hour long tour.

It was supposed to be an hour long tour, but my incredibly knowledgeable guide (Cathy — at least I hope it’s with a “c”) had to keep answering all my off-beat questions like: “Why is there a box here with an extra set of bumpers for the pool table?” Answer: “To change the table from billiards to pool (the one with pockets).” The tour ended up being an hour and 40 minutes so it’s a good thing that I was the only person on the tour. Apparently the 11am tour had a bunch of people.

The only way to see the inside of the building is to take the tour ($6) and it’s well worth it. 90% of the furnishings in the house are the original, including some very rare Stickley Craftsman pieces with inlaid metal that weren’t in production then (they were samples) but now they sell a ton of (there are some benches in the visitor’s center that are modern).

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And some of the interior shots…

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Rest of the afternoon was filled with work on a template for some web pages and eventually my notes for tomorrow’s meeting that I may or may not be in cell phone range for.

Kyle had a meeting that ran until 7pm, and came by for a glass of wine before a late dinner at Granny’s Closet (a Flagstaff institution since 1974 — sounds like that place in Fremont, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be as upscale). Again, I tried eating light, especially since I have to be up at 4:30am to make my 6am train.

And I did learn one thing this evening while looking at the Amtrak schedule — I could have actually taken the Grand Canyon Railroad — though I would have had to spend last night in Williams Junction.

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Stunning Arts & Crafts Building.

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