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Nov '09

Clean Off The Work Plate

So I Can Load Up The Turkey Plate.

As it is with all holidays — it’s the push in the last couple of days before said holiday so that you can hopefully not do anything (other than Google Alerts so you don’t come back to 400 of them) for a long holiday weekend.

Tomorrow the influx of people begins…. Michele is coming up from Albuquerque, Jamison and Natalie are coming from Olympia, plus the rest of the Sandia and Ortiz gangs. Plus we have Benton and Reha coming in from New Orleans who arrived today and are staying downtown at La Fonda — gonna be a full table.

Working on Christmas lists…. have some ideas, have checked out some things. Ran some errands with Mom — that and the work filled the day.

A quiet dinner at home with the parents — brisket, beans, coleslaw.

Followed by a quiet evening in front of multiple screens.

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2 Responses to “Clean Off The Work Plate

So I Can Load Up The Turkey Plate.”

  1. Melba Toast Says:

    Please tell your folks I send greetings and best wishes for the holidays! I remember from my trip years ago how beautiful it is there in the winter.

    Planning a visit to Ten Thousand Waves?


  2. markso Says:

    Not this trip — maybe at Christmas.