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Nov '09

Of Shoes And Turkeys

And Old Outdated PCs.

If it’s Thanksgiving, that must mean that it’s time to order some more shoes.


Every Thanksgiving for the last several years, Vans has sent out coupons for use on Thanksgiving Day only. The last two years it was 25% off and Free Shipping bringing a pair of custom shoes to $45 each. This year it isn’t nearly as good — it’s a $10 coupon for your next order before Christmas if you spend $50 on one order, plus free shipping.

The plan? Order one pair of shoes, get the coupon, order the second pair. Makes the total $55 each rather than $60 regular price and not nearly as good as the $45 a pair from the last two years.

The shoes?


One very colorful set and one more staid grey/black/red plaid. And with the extra $10 e-certificate I ordered a $14 belt (it wouldn’t let me order the $10 sunglasses, damn it):


And now that the shopping is done, it’s time for Thanksgiving and computer rehabilitation. Mom’s got a Windows 95 machine that needs recycling, and Jen has one as well. Time to get them reformatted and all the data off them, and ready for a new home.

Tons of food, lots of laughs — some hard times, who knew both of the designated drivers would be lawyers and my “drink cards” would fall flat — live, learn, roll with the punches and wonder why. Great to see Reha and Benton, great to hang with Nat, Jameson, Kennen.

[218 — mother’s scale, who knows]


2 Responses to “Of Shoes And Turkeys

And Old Outdated PCs.”

  1. Jon Says:

    So what are the ‘rents doing for a computer now?

  2. markso Says:

    Still the old slow desktop on dial-up — I have my laptop tethered to my phone and am getting a better connection rate.