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Nov '09

New Uses For Leftovers And Luggage.

More eggs and toast for breakfast, more leftovers for lunch… but I have a plan to get rid of two more containers from the fridge: the sweet potatoes and the whipped cream.

Pie Time!

There was also a rolled up pie crust in the fridge, so this is easy. Beat up the sweet potatoes and some of the whipped cream, line the pie pan with a pie crust, scoop in the filling, apply a pie crust peace sign to the top (OK, so there was a little trim left over!) and bake for an hour.


All this leaves us of leftovers are some black olives and enough mashed potatoes for one potato pancake for breakfast in the morning… that and some brisket from my second night here.

Dinner tonight is a repeat of the folks at Thanksgiving minus Michele. Jameson and Natalie. Guess that means eight for chili and champagne (or beer for those who like that stuff) with a side of corn and zucchini that has some Mexican name that I can’t spell.

If you don’t hear anything more from me about this evening — assume the dinner went well, or if it didn’t, check the news reports. Headed back to Seattle tomorrow on the 2:40pm train to LA and then onto Seattle after a two hour layover… luckily, it’s a sleeper all the way.

Damn — luggage, I knew there was something I was forgetting. Father/son project, well, really a son project, but it’s handier to have someone who knows where everything is. Handle on my FlighTable keeps popping out. Time to bolt the thing in and think about making a custom piece where laptops and quart bags easily slide out for security. No shortage of bolt, nuts, washers in my father’s garage.


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