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Dec '09

Day Three On The Rails.

The plan was to do breakfast at 8am… my bladder had other ideas. Make that a little after seven.

Then the plan was to go back to sleep after breakfast in the main dining car. That part worked for about 45 minutes.

Lunch was in the Parlour Car that was decorated for the holidays…

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It was the chicken Caesar wrap for lunch — probably should have passed on the chocolate moose cake.

After lunch there started to be a signal again — as in a cell phone signal so I could patch in my laptop and go back to work, having missed the conference call because of no reception.

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Not a bad working environment, but crappy lighting on the picture.

Dinner was early tonight… the last seating was at 5:45pm where I finished off my bottle of Greg Norman Petite Syrah that I started last night with the duck. Tonight was the marinated steak (again) with mashed potatoes (rather than baked). Food good, conversation good. Not a bad way to live.

We got in an hour early, which is becoming standard on the Coast Starlight now that freight is way down because of the recession. Took a cab home since Raphael is getting over the flu and I don’t want to be in an enclosed space while he might be contagious… since I leave on Friday for Juneau.

Nice to be back in my own bed.

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