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Dec '09

Christmas, Phase Two.

More errands today, with some work thrown in. Guessing my billings will be down 24-35% this month. Guess I’d better book some time out of town.

Speaking of travel… by the end of January I’ll been half way to 2011 MVP status on Alaska with 10,530 flight miles — and I haven’t heard from my friends in New York City — that would be another 5,000 flight miles… and with my MVP Gold status, I have 4 one-way buy the cheap, cheap fare and they let you upgrade at time of booking as long as their are “U” upgrade seats available (which you can see on the site — and why I’m flying to Boston via Portland — that and they miles). Meant Boston for under $250 booked in First Class.

Trips for January?

  • Tuscon visiting Joe and Nikia – Jan. 7-11th
  • Denver/Estes Park (3-bedroom Presidential) – Jan. 12-15th
  • Boston visiting Pucci – Jan. 21-25th

And then off to the Olympics bookings for February…

But on with Phase Two of Christmas…


And the first two stings of lights up outside (LED)… thinking I need about three more to outline the rest of the walkway.


Compared to the neighbors east of me… at least I have something.

Trip to Swanda’s for an emergency check book run (and a drink and two New Yorkers, and 4 packages — only one for me).

Dinner was country style pork ribs, roasted root vegetables, salad….

[219.7 – holding steady]

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