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Dec '09

Puddle Jumping In A 737-400 Combi.

My last morning in Juneau was a relaxing morning coffee, some leftovers, some moose Italian sausage with eggs. And then the forced march… OK, it was a great march that Alan and I did on other trails around the Mendenhall Glacier — trails that I didn’t take with Monica on Friday — I swear, they are trying to get me into shape.

Lots of time hanging out in the airport — which is fine with me — I’m loading with a sandwich, water, some jerky.

The flight plan for today is Juneau to Petersburg, then on to Wrangell, then onto Ketchikan, then onto Seattle. This is the “milk run” on the “combi” which you saw a picture of yesterday or the day before.

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No windows in the front — just freight.

Not many seats on this flight — so you get good service from the two flight attendants — I’m sending the one up front some company kudos since she got me a scotch on the rocks and a Jones soda on a “juice” run… Juneau to Petersburg.

And speaking of “juice runs”, that would be Petersberg to Wrangell, and Wrangell to Ketchikan… more time on the ground then in the air. It’s kinda nice… hanging around at the front of the cabin with 6 feet of leg room…

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And that shot is from the BACK of the plane — seating starts at row 16… the exit row. And that’s Krista — the world’s happiest flight attendant. Maybe that’s too much, but she loves her job, loves to fly — even on her off hours.

Good flight home with three stops (most people take the direct flight). Stopped for a cocktail at the Board Room on the way to baggage claim… good drink, and my bag was waiting for me.

Home in the Jag, a little business and then off to bed.

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  1. Xrauq Says:

    Moose Italian Sausage? Doesn’t soud right – they don’t have moose in Italy. That would be like Antarctic Polar Bear Sausage… you get the rift…