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Dec '09

Meetings, Modems, More Meetings.

Off to the marketing meeting in the morning — new schedule has me doing them every other week so no meeting for me while I’m in the Bay Area next week… good? bad?

At least I got my check and it’s in the bank… and groceries for tomorrow’s dinner. That dinner would be Swanda’s Birthday Dinner on the actual date, not to be confused with his “birthday weekend”.

Speaking of Swanda — cocktails with said when I swung by to pick up my dry cleaning, two packages (memory for my mother’s old computer and a new ClearWire modem), with stops on the way at Daniel Smith (art supplies for Christmas present) and Home Depot (more Christmas lights for the walkway, not, and a birthday present for Swanda).

Headed home after a couple of drinks, a little shop talkĀ and the news for a steak dinner — too lazy to even get salad out of the bag.

Mom’s old Windows 98 computer… now has the maximum amount of memory (160K — it used to have 32K!) and has Explorer 6 running on it (the last Explorer to support Windows 98). With a whopping two gig harddrive, it will make a nice web browsing box now that I installed an Ethernet card into it’s PCCard slot…tomorrow I’ll see if the wireless card will install.

As for the new ClearWire modem… simple plug and play. The old one was rated at 1.5mbps down and 256kbps up (not that I think it ever did that good). The new one (at the same price — good thing I didn’t buy the modem, but rented) is blazingly faster (WiMax technology – 4G) at 9.1mbps down and 488kbps up. Nice! Looks like I placed the right bet on technology.


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