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Dec '09

HeteroSexual Boyfriend Kicked To The Curb.

The process started Tuesday night… you have to move out by January 1st… which then just boiled into take $400, pay your phone bill and get a sleezy motel room and leave now. By the time he got home for his last night I’d gone to Home Depot and changed the locks (in case it got ugly).

The now was mid-day the next day after he did a heterosexual cleaning job on the RV — Moonsong will finish it next Wednesday. He did pull all the sheets and towels and got them run though the washing machine, and he did attempt to wipe down most of the surfaces… but neglected to vacuum the dog hair off the seats, etc.

Over, done, complete. I’ll just add the $400 to his bill.

But let’s talk about more fun things…. 11am found me in Ballard touring a condo that Monica and Alan from Juneau are interested in. Here is the top down view of the model of one of the two condos I looked at:

They are asking $100K less than when the project started… puts it at about $300K once all the incentives are figured in.

Dinner this evening is with the Great Swanda to honor his 50th year.Wonderful, Fluffernutter and I were his guest for a meal of pork tenderloin, salad, bread, steamed veggies (that I catered). I’ll try and remember to bring along the camera to the large celebrations planned for Friday and Saturday nights.

Home reasonably early.


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