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Dec '09

A Thursday Of Christmas Madness.

With all the Christmas shopping done yesterday, it’s time to wrap, box, bag, mail all the stuff and then start working on the Christmas Cards… I guess there is an upside to less time spent on billable hours.

And did I mention the two hundred pounds of gravel… that’s just a start, but it’s all I felt comfortable putting in the Jaguar’s trunk. And I’ll probably go back tomorrow and grab another two hundred pounds… might have been easier to just call the Sand and Gravel company and have them bring a dump truck load.

But the big event (after a nice steak dinner and tomato dinner at home) is the Dina Martina Christmas Show at the Re-Bar. Fluffernutter had some extra tickets from an E&A event so Wonderful and I took advantage of them…


And what a wild show it was… with a quick nightcap at 13 Coins, it was home and to bed for me. Luckily Wonderful was my chauffeur for tonight (and for tomorrow’s birthday party as well!)


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