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Dec '09

Swanda Birthday Dinner, Part Two.

If it’s Saturday it must be time for the Swanda Birthday Party, Part Two. Venue tonight is Bizzaro, an Italian restaurant in Wallingford.

Yeah, it’s a little dark, but it was a good crowd. I had the honor of holding down one end of the table, seated next to Lars and Anita who I invited to dinner next Saturday before I leave for Santa Fe.

It was a great dinner… I had the pasta and pulled elk (yes, elk). Chris passed out custom gift bags to everyone which included a custom bottle by Wonderful, some poetry, some wine… leave it to Swanda to hand out gifts at his own birthday. A lovely turn of events.

Since the dinner reservation was at 5pm, we headed back to the apartment for post-dinner cocktails.

Sort of make the rest of the day look boring… a champagne tasting at EVS, an art sale at Suzannes, finishing the Holiday cards and getting them in the mail.


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