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Dec '09

Monday In The Air.

Wow. No upgrade. Oakland. What’s wrong here. At least when I checked into the Board Room and asked… they moved me to a window seat in 6 (F) or all of row 12 (like that would stay open).

Breakfast in the Board Room with a couple of drinks…. my days of trying to get 3-4 are over. I might be channelling my father who gave up drinking in his mid-fifties.

Uneventful flight – got my free cocktail as a MVP Gold member (would have preferred first class). Arrived Oakland a little hungry and a little cranky — not sure what the cranky was about.

Onyx met me at the airport…. Lunetta waiting at home… and me, just wanting a nap. Which was about 1 minutes but good. Still cranky, but at least able to put together a dinner. The deal is, you pick me up at the airport, I’ll buy groceries and make you dinner.

Dinner? Two cleaned and cracked crabs, salad, the world’s smallest loaf of bread, asparagus…. damn good — we finished off every bit.

Today’s video? Ty Vinnevitz (my friend Riversong’s son) in this amazing YouTube video… he’s now in juggling school in Canada….

Who knows — I might get the boys out to Monterey tomorrow for a holiday.


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  1. Melba Toast Says:

    Well. A whole new use for literature.

    And what a lovely young man.