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Dec '09

Wednesday In Traffic.

And Other Fun Adventures.

Workmen in the morning, so not much lingering in bed. I’ve found that if you use the whole twelve cup package of coffee in WorldMark resorts that you get a decent four cup pot. Should have brought coffee in addition to the two eggs and butter I brought (in addition to the left over garlic bread from last night).

Got out of the resort a little after 11am (sorry, no video tour) after getting a delayed response to an email from last night. Apparently I have two stops in Santa Cruz on the way home.

Stop number one: the Bonny Doon Winery’s Tasting Room and Cellar Door Cafe. I was there for the Tasting Room, not the Wednesday-Sunday Prix Fix $35 meal. Mind you, it took me half an hour to find the place without a map. And I only intended to buy three bottles for the boys — that turned to six when they had extras of an over-sized cigar box that holds six bottles. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get to drink some of it.

Stop number two: Trader Joe’s parking lot to meet up with a friend for what turned into a hot tub date. I have to recommend the Tea House Spa. Nice to spend time hanging out in hot water… especially for what came next.

Next? Left Santa Cruz at 4:30, expecting traffic. I didn’t expect at 3.25 hour return drive (should be 1.25 hours). Semi overturned on 17… blocking one of the two lanes through the mountains — it’s never good when there are fork lifts on the freeway moving boxes. Followed by a five-car-pile-up on 880 north. So much for cooking tonight.

Actually — tonight’s dinner was pasta out in Emeryville at a chain that had 50% off on all bottles of wine for dinner. I had to go Bing it: Pasta Pomodoro (California and Arizona). Lunetta and I had the Sabon Estates Old Vine Zinfandel (Amador Country, California) and Onyx had a Pinot Grigio with our meals. Not bad for commercial — got to love 50% off on a bottle of wine.

At little work before bed, and tomorrow, in the air again.

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And Other Fun Adventures.

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