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Dec '09

Back In The Air.

And There Is A Cranky Santa In First Class.

Headed off to the airport for breakfast (fish tacos) and a flight back to Seattle.

Actually, I should really call that cranky Santa in First Class was fine in First Class — it was once I got on the ground that I started getting cranky. 15 minutes for the Master Parking shuttle to show up… just was Jill said about her last trip… is it time to change to the new Wally Park facility when it’s done?

Spent the rest of the day catching up on lots of stuff. Got the NetBook ready for the Santa Fe trip last night (made sure it was cleaned up and able to use the phone as a modem) and put the finishing touches on cleaning up Mom’s old Windows 98 laptop that had 32mb of memory…. it is now running Windows 2000 and has 160mb of RAM and it’s original 3gig harddisk.

Dinner tonight — just a couple of pork loin chops and some salad and a split of the 94 Bonny Doon wine — nice to be able to keep booze in the house again (and not worrying about leaving town and Raf getting depressed and drinking it all).

Nice to be home in my own bed, and not have freezing weather outside.

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And There Is A Cranky Santa In First Class.

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