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Dec '09

Afternoon Brunch With Friends

Dinner By Myself.

What a wonderful brunch with JSteve and crowd. Brunch at his place is always on a Sunday… and features tons of food, the star being Eggs Benedict from scratch… made to order, for a crowd of 10-15 people… seriously yummy. And seriously wonderful people as well… and the mimosas…

From 2-6, I made it until 4 before I had to retreat from the mimosas to go home and deal with the bear:


I had to bring him inside — he had been outside all night and was a little damp. Now he is dry, and back in his box… waiting for the trip home to SwandaLand.

Jonathan cancelled dinner — truly fine. Something about entertaining and then getting up at 4:30 in the morning for the flight to Santa Fe that doesn’t sound so good. Luckily the first flight is up front…


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Dinner By Myself.

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