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Dec '09

Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe.

Yes, The Long Way.

A fairly relaxing morning, up a little before eight, and by 9am I was at the airport. Shortly after — through security and looking for a way to get from one terminal to another without going back through security so I could use the Alaska Board Room for my every other week marketing call.

The answer: take the shuttle to the American Eagle terminal (which required a boarding pass for them), then turn around and transfer to the Alaska terminal, which since you were already out there didn’t need a boarding pass, go up to the club, have a couple of drinks, read the newspaper, have a bagel, take the conference call, and then take the transfer back to the American Eagle terminal (out on the tarmac), which again needed an American Eagle boarding pass, which I had. Had I been totally on American flights, it wouldn’t have worked unless I told them I was meeting my “sister” at the American Eagle terminal — they might have let me do that.

No trouble with the flight — Kate and Eric were at the Santa Fe airport about 5 minutes after I landed — and off to check-in a day late to my condo in Santa Fe (which you can almost see teir condo from mine). Hung out there for a bit while I got settled and then headed off to see their condo and exchange Christmas and Birthday (Swandas0 presents.

We probably should have left one drink earlier, but off in the condo shuttle (a service their condo provides) to the square — originally to the Ore House, sat down, looked at the menu, left. Headed to the Blue Corn Cafe for a more relaxed dinner.

I was back at the condo by 8:30pm to settle in and watch “The Onion — The Movie” which was underwhelming.

Off to bed for a good nights sleep under the down comforter — a nice touch, as are the heated marble floors in the bathroom. Guess I should take a video.

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Yes, The Long Way.

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