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Dec '09

Package Day Eve

Twas the night before Package Day, and all through the delivery system, every elf was working his little red tattered nightshirt down to the threads…

And the Head Elf was getting his pants hemmed and his merit badges applied, while the minions labored over soup pots and cookies.

With the new Elfen Fur wrapped around his shoulders, the Head Elf commanded champagne and wine for the assembled masses… if eight is considered a mass.

With the steak soup and rolls consumed, it was time for part one of the glorious Package Feast! And all were made happy — happiest was the Head Elf who out-scored the children for the first time in 18 years… a happy Head Elf he is, for he knows tomorrow will bring the end of his reign, and the children will take over once again.

On this Package Night Eve — to all a good night. And for the Head Elf, a nightcap of the winter brown spirits.

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