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Dec '09

Peace, Quiet, Puttering.

What a lovely relaxed day… puttering around the house, going through closets cleaning out unwanted clothes, setting up the sewing machine so I can use it (and the serger) easily, mounting the trellis’ for the rose bushes out front (though I need another rose bush, but it too early in the season to find one), reworking the Print Server in the office to add it’s own touch screen monitor (was in the living room) and the postage label printer (ordered rolls of postage as well), a run to Home Depot to replace my electric drill and shovel that had gone missing as well as checking out pre-formed pond liners to use as novel hot tubs…yet another project, a liquor store run (didn’t know the new store on 4th was open on Sunday!), a grocery store run, and a quiet dinner at home of diced chicken breasts and onions in last night’s rice and a half bottle of the Bonny Doon Le Ciage Volant.


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