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Dec '09

Ten Trips To Home Depot.

I have the feeling that this hot tub project is going to require at least ten trips to Home Depot. Two down, eight more to go. The basic problem is that I’m getting each of the sub-systems going separately before I even think about building up the frame — need to make sure the pump really puts out hot water before I spend a ton of time building a curved wall frame for the tub itself.


That’s the problem with trying to built things from non-standard parts.

Sunny, crisp days here in Seattle. Great errand weather. Great timing with the slow-down in work as well — need those projects to keep me busy.

Dinner tonight consisted of cleaning out leftovers from the fridge and chopping them into cubes and frying them up to go along side a salad and the remnants of last night’s bottle of wine.

Was actually in bed at 9:30… it must be winter.


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  1. Jon Says:

    My God! That looks like an anal probe!