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Dec '09

Proof Of Concept.

Or, Return Of The Anal Probe.

Before starting on a work report (Year End Recommendations) I got a wild hair to continue the new hot-tub project by seeing if:

a) I could make water tight connections to the tub (drain yes, though I need to pick up a flex connection to take strain off the pipe, in/out need work — like some custom rubber washers)

b) does the heater pump still work (yes)


It was my brother who comments that the pump and drain looked like an “anal probe” — I’m not sure how he knows what one looks like, and not I want to know.

Now the fun part begins making the frame for the tub that conform to the edge of the with the exception of the back edge which will cut straight across so there will be a place to set your drink down.

Errands today were to the cleaners to pick up shirts, Swanda’s for a package, cocktails, and the news, and back home for a dinner of odd things out of the freezer: two chicken thighs, one salmon/shrimp thingee from Trader Joes and some salad for ruffage.

I plan on sleeping through New Years Eve in Seattle — I watched the fireworks in Sydney, so I’ve had my thrill.


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Or, Return Of The Anal Probe.

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